Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm writing a NEW book.

Which implies I have one out already. Yes.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm up on username is

NickiFiccy. Feel free to come and drop me a line.

Under a children's book pen name, Julia O'Fallon, I'm going to produce some interesting novels. The first one is E.A. Watson and the Land of Do Not.

It's one of those things that came to me in a sleep-deprived state last night, of a boring child who's all about rules, who suddenly becomes an interesting adventurer and corrects his own problems through those adventures.

You know, kind of one of those...allegorical...books or whatever.

(A note: O'Fallon came to me as a surname because I'm 5/6 Irish (apparently, if you listen to my boozehound male family members).)

Also, Thxgiving was good, except for the fact that Beth can't eat anything with nuts since her DepoProvera shot. Which made all three of the desserts invalid, though little Emma practically demolished the ambrosia by herself (the Watergate salad got turned into ambrosia, yes), and ate a crescent roll BEFORE dinner.

A bigger accolade I could not have from a smaller niece. :)

See you all around mid-December when I update, or later today if I find some AAA batteries to upload pictures of ***PRESSIES FOR CHRISTMAS***.