Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No NaNoEdMo site that's active. So I'm making my own work----

KK. So there is no active NaNoEdMo. (For those of you who go to the link, it used to be a National Novel Editing Month.) I figured it might have been December at one point, but for the moment I'll have to do with the NaNoFiMo. NaNoFiMo is National Novel FINISHING Month, in case you took NaNoWriMo and didn't finish your book.

Or hell, I could just finish my book. And edit my first novel at the same time. If you're wondering what problems I've got, they involve head-hopping and the battle to get them on audio CD, which I could really use, either way.

I'll put a ChipIn link here sometime, so I can maybe get the money for Dragon software. This way I can record for the computer and on an audio file.

But for the moment, welcome to my blog. I'm just a tad eccentric, but don't mind that. I'm really a very nice individual unless you saw me at my former job in the cabernet club here in the Capital City. If you were one of the people who saw me there and didn't tip, I am not a nice individual.

Also, if you are underage banhammer trolls who are coming here just to piss me off, this is an 18+ blog, and I don't intend for you to have access without your mommy and daddy, okays?

I am a woman. A quarter of a century old, widowed and childless.

I used to have a husband, yes. And a son, and if you count the sprats my stepkids had, I had grandchildren. My stepson didn't have a legal mother before I came into the picture, so I was the only grandmother to those babies. I was the only grandmother with a 15% body fat (20% is max ideal for women, 15% is what men are supposed to have), and who looked smokin hot in a bikini.

Sucks to be me. But if you're here and you intend to stay, happy days. Because I love you guys lots.

(Also to come, recipes, unrelated shit, and formulas for various things such as solving a Rubik's cube. But LATER.)


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